Crash Magazine

Crash Magazine is a French independent magazine published every trimester that can be found in all major press stores.

It was founded in 1998 by Frank Perrin and Armelle Leturcq; art critics before publishing Crash, Perrin and Leturcq had previously published an art review known as Blocnotes. They are both considered part of the new generation of French art critics that left a mark in the 1990s.

Francois Bizot, the founder of L’Actuel has mentioned that the creation of this publication revolutionized the landscape of French press.

Crash arrived on the French market characterized with an element of the unexpected, filled with a deliberate desire to change things: characterized by a minimalist layout and design, it is constituted by challenging avant-garde visuals seeking to emphasize the beauty of things with innovative ideas. Crash worked in close relation with artists such as Air, Daft Punk, Michel Gondry during the emergence of the "French Touch". Since 2000 however, they have shifted their focus towards the "New Generation" such as Sofia Coppola, Phoenix and Super Discount.

Crash quickly started to gain the attention of high-end luxury brands such as Chanel and Christian Dior, who looked to revamp their image and attract a younger public, something Crash was able to provide.

Crash Magazine has been considered a platform for rising talent and new artists and its team is internationally recognized. This publication focuses on fashion and cinema amongst other things, fashion representing a cultural phenomenon of society and everything that is driven by it in our time. Crash has been recognized as the only French publication that dares to mix high-end fashion with urban culture, representing the image of a new generation of consumers that has recently emerged.

Crash enjoys a circulation of 80,000, also publishing an English version sold internationally. The average reader (20–45 years old) sees Crash as a reference point that explores the fresh and upcoming trends, styles, culture and lifestyle.

After its 12 years of existence, Crash Magazine has developed its reputation and credibility without compromising its foundations, becoming in this way, a major reference in French press.