Categories: Fashion

Frequency: Monthly

Circulation: 624,668 (2014)

Publisher: Shogakukan

First issue: March 7, 2007

Country: apan

Language: Japanese


AneCan (姉キャン Anekyan?) is a Japanese fashion magazine published by Shogakukan. Its name derives from Ane (姉?) meaning "older sister" and Can from its sister magazine CanCam. The magazine is targeted at woman in their mid to late twenties who have "graduated" from reading CanCam.

For the magazines launch the department store Isetan and several clothing companies collaborated with AneCan to create completely new brands. On March 14, 2007, Senken Shimbun reported that the "AneCan Style" brands sold 30,000,000 JPY (~US$250,000) in just four days.

1. History

AneCan was first launched in March 2007 as the magazine for women who have graduated from reading CanCam. Ane means older sister and Can comes from CanCam Japan se magazines.

2. Exclusive contract models

All of these models are under exclusive contract with AneCan, limiting their professional appearances to the magazine.

2.1 Current

Erika Mori

Midori Kuzuoka

Moe Oshikiri

Reiko Takagaki

Yuri Ebihara

Miki Arimura

Shizuka Kondo

Mew Azama

2.2 Past


Asami Usuda

Eriko Kumazawa

Keiko Mayama

Maimi Okuwa

Hitomi Sawano

Yoko Horiuchi

Sachi Suzuki